A brand put together by artist Emiliano Deificus; the true meaning of conscious fashion. A high-end fashion line that not only sets timeless trends but also brings universal understanding to a great cause. Each collection is created with the intention to remind humanity of the ultimate meaning of oneness, and raise awareness through its designs, which range from political to spiritual. Deificus is a movement, a modern way to express consciousness through fashion. This brand is not an individual creation, it is a creation by all of us who are connected through the same source, therefore deificus is MADE BY GOD.


Combining their passions, Artist Emiliano Deificus and designer lou laurellé have a deep desire to enlighten. Their designs are inspired by their audience, with a strong belief that humanity as a whole has just as much to do with each design as they do, given that, “we are all cut from the same cloth.” Their work reflects reality though the lens of the universe. Rather than simplistic designs, Emiliano’s and lou’s goal is to set impactful trends that inspire.